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STEP 1: Chose the package version and make a payment with PayPal
STEP 2: Download & Install product (download)

 STEP 3: Get request information
         - Open Revit software, open any project.
         - In Revit window chose "BIMsofts" panel
         - In BIMsofts panel click button "Setting & Info"
         - On popup window click "Purchase"
         - On next popup window, fill all your request information into textboxs
                   PayPal account (email):
                   PayPal transaction ID:
                   Request code:

 STEP 4: Click button "Copy request information to clipboard".

 STEP 5: Paste your request information and send an email to admin@bimsofts.com.

 STEP 6: We will check and send to you an email with activation code. (from 1 to 8hrs)

 STEP 7: Active your product with your receive key
         - In "Setting & Info" window click "Enter Key" and fill your key to active product.


About bimsofts.com

We are civil engineers, architects, BIM managers with many years of experience working with BIM technology. We provide services on Revit addin, BIM modelling, drawings, Revit template files, Revit families, software traning.